Consultancy and Training- How we can help you

We offer a consultancy service tailored to your organisational needs, to address wellbeing and risk management in a creative, person-centred mannerWhether it is the health and safety of your team, leadership skills or a desire to address organisational and productivity issues in a creative way, we offer a service that is tailored to your company’s needs.


Your people are your most important asset, so maintaining your health and theirs is critical to the success and sustainability of your business. Good Leadership and management are key to achieving this, and any resource and investment put into improving the wellbeing and safety of your employees will be paid back in reduced sickness absence and staff turnover, and increased retention and productivity.

We can review your current risk management systems, and advise you on sensible practical ways to ensure that you are complying with the law and striving for best practice

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Human connection is a fundamental part of maintaining good relationships, and studies have shown that feeling isolated, or dealing with conflict and unreasonable behaviour at work can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing. The HSE management standards for work related stress include Relationships as one of the six key areas, and require a promotion of positive working and good communication in the workplace.

We can advise you on equality issues and dignity and respect at work, as well as stress management and peer support interventions to get your people talking and working well together.

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Musculoskeletal injuries are the biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK. Making sure that work activities involving moving loads are properly planned, and computer work areas are set up to promote good posture can go a long way to reducing injury and chronic health problems. Also sedentary jobs and a reduction in physical activity in leisure time can have a significant impact on both mental and physical health.

We can advise you on office workstation setup and risk assessment for moving loads. We can also help with wellbeing interventions involving exercise, and provide information on activity programmes and other solutions to get your workers moving.

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Competence may be described as ‘the ability to do something successfully or efficiently’ and requires a combination of skills, knowledge and experience. Employers have a legal duty to ensure that everyone doing their work is adequately trained and supervised, and to keep records of the training given.

We can deliver training on a range of wellbeing and safety issues and have access to a network of specialists who we can source additional expertise from if required.

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Creativity in the form of Art, Craft and Music can be used for a range of team building and mental wellbeing interventions, as well as project development and community engagement.

We can help you set up a creative programme or event for your organisation, and have access to a network of partner providers in the Dance, Art, Music and Creative writing fields.

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‘You are what you eat’ as the old adage says, but many people lack the skills or confidence to cook or eat a healthy diet. With one in four adults in the UK being classed as obese, and the additional health issues related to poor nutrition, encouraging healthy eating should be an integral part of any wellbeing programme.

We can provide advice, guidance, and training on nutrition and basic cooking skills, and have lots of examples of simple low-cost ways to get everyone involved in trying and sharing healthy foods at work. Why not use these activities as an opportunity for community or family engagement too?

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We are passionate about promoting a positive message about workplace wellbeing, so we want to share the great things being done by so many businesses across the world. Here you will find case studies and links to FREE resources for you to use to help improve wellbeing and safety in your business. But we know that you are all doing great things too so we have set up a Worksafeandwell insiders forum, where we invite our subscribers to share their own success stories and best practice.

We also want to help small businesses by offering free places to the self-employed, small employers (less than 5 employees), and community organisations on courses and events we run. Please sign up to our mailing list for newsletters and updates on our events and training courses.

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