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With over 15 years experience we can help you find creative solutions to boost productivity and positivity in your workplace.

Creative Wellbeing Services

Ann Diment is a Creative Changemaker- transforming burned out professionals into resilient and compassionate leaders.


Helping You Find Creative Ways to Work Well

We are Creative Changemakers- transforming burned out professionals into compassionate and resilient leaders with creative wellbeing, self-care & mindfulness coaching.

We want every school and workplace to be inclusive and not cause harm to anyone’s physical or mental health.

Ann set up Work Safe and Well to help business and education leaders who are sick of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, and are looking for better ways to cope. She has over 20 years experience in managing workplace wellbeing, strengthened with a personal understanding of how stigma and bullying at work causes mental health challenges. Ann utilises key elements of her own recovery from PTSD and depression to teach business leaders how to successfully implement a more creative and human-centred approach to wellbeing at work, that ultimately impacts all areas of the business. You can read more about her story here

Our mission is:

-To help build a network of creative, compassionate business and education leaders.

We believe that people are the most important asset in any organisation, so investing in getting the right solutions to look after them is the key to maximising productivity and sustainability. This doesn’t have to be difficult and can even be fun!

We offer a range of workshops to promote creative thinking, mindfulness and managing stress, and can also provide bespoke coaching to schools and businesses on supporting wellbeing and good mental health.

We can help you find creative solutions to get your and your teams working well.

Our Workshops

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No-one can be successful if they neglect to look after themselves.

We will help you learn simple ways to recharge your batteries

Are you ‘mind full’ or mindful?

We will explore what is mindful living, why you need it, and how to do it.

 Stress affects our health and performance at work. We will teach you how to recognise your stress triggers and help you build a toolbox of ways to beat them.

Experience the transformative power of art to relax and inspire creative thinking and problem solving.

We provide a range of sesssion types and regular art clubs

What our Clients Say

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I have worked with Ann over a number of years, primarily in her roles as a skilled and conscientious School and College Health and Safety Manager within the University, in the Colleges of Science and Engineering, and Medicine and Vet. Medicine. These interactions led me ask Ann to become involved with corporate Health and Safety, where she provided expert tutoring in our Biosafety Training Institute. She is a high calibre health and safety practitioner and person, who can be relied upon to give high quality work.

 Alastair Reid CFIOSH

Director of Health & Safety, University of Edinburgh


Having worked with Ann on several projects in Scotland, (including on mental health, promotion Healthy Working Lives and occupational health training) her knowledge, commitment and interpersonal skills have always impressed. To have Ann on the team was always real asset, she is focused on the outcome, delivery on time and ensuring that information provided is correct. Her involvement in organising IOSH at branch level shows a commitment to continued professional development and maintenance of her professional knowledge and skill. I would thoroughly recommend Ann as a contributor to any workplace and in three words – articulate, professional, committed.

Robert Atkinson CFIOSH

Organisational Lead, Scottish Centre for Health Working Lives

Ann provided a first class range of expert services and advice on the full range of health and safety issues relating to school life. Her professional briefing papers ensured that governors and senior managers were able to maintain an up to date knowledge of developments in key areas. She responded quickly to queries and fostered excellent relationships with all colleagues at every level in the organisation. I am happy to be contacted to provide a personal endorsement of Ann’s work

JMP Hallows

Head of Senior School, Bromsgrove School

An experienced, well networked practitioner who is able to find practical and pragmatic solutions to a wide range of health and safety issues

Mark Hoare

Health and Safety Advisor, Sheffield Hallam University

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