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With over 15 years experience we can help you find creative solutions to get you working well, whether you are a small business, or a large employer.

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We believe that the most important assets in your business are your people. As everyone is unique, getting the right solutions to look after your team when you are busy running and growing your business can be difficult. So why not turn to us for some expert advice?

We can help you find creative solutions to get you working well, whether you are a small business, or a large employer.
We have over 15 years’ experience managing employee wellbeing and developing effective risk management systems.

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Your people are your most important asset, so maintaining your health and theirs is critical to the success and sustainability of your business. We can review your current risk management systems, and advise you on sensible practical ways to ensure that you are complying with the law and striving for best practice in looking after your wellbeing and safety.


Human connection is a fundamental part of maintaining good relationships, and studies have shown that feeling isolated, or dealing with conflict and unreasonable behavior at work can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing. We can advise you on equality issues and dignity and respect at work, as well as stress management and peer support initiatives to get your people talking and help them work well together.


Musculoskeletal injuries are consistently the biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK. We can advise you on office workstation setup and risk assessment for moving loads. We can also help with wellbeing programmes involving exercise, and provide information on other solutions to get your workers moving


Working successfully and efficiently requires the right balance of skills, knowledge and experience, so it is important to make sure training is up to date.

We can deliver training on a range of wellbeing and safety issues, and have access to a network of specialists who we can source additional expertise from if required.



Creativity in the form of Art, Craft and Music can be used for a range of team building and mental wellbeing interventions, as well as project development and community engagement.

We can help you set up a creative programme or event for your organisation, and have access to a network of partner providers in the Dance, Art, Music and Creative writing fields.



‘You are what you eat’ as the old adage says, but many people lack the skills or confidence to cook or eat a healthy diet. We can provide advice, guidance, and training on nutrition and basic cooking skills, to get everyone involved in trying and sharing healthy foods at work.


We are passionate about promoting a positive message about workplace wellbeing, so we want to share the great things being done by so many businesses across the world.

Here you will find case studies and links to FREE resources for you to use to help improve wellbeing and safety in your business. But we know that you are all doing great things too so we have set up a ‘WSAW’ insiders forum, where we invite our subscribers to share their own success stories and best practice.

We also want to help small businesses by offering free places to the self-employed, small employers (less than 5 employees), and community organisations on courses and events we run. Please follow us on LInkedIn and Twitter for updates on our events and training courses.


What our Clients Say

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I have worked with Ann over a number of years, primarily in her roles as a skilled and conscientious School and College Health and Safety Manager within the University, in the Colleges of Science and Engineering, and Medicine and Vet. Medicine. These interactions led me ask Ann to become involved with corporate Health and Safety, where she provided expert tutoring in our Biosafety Training Institute. She is a high calibre health and safety practitioner and person, who can be relied upon to give high quality work.

Alastair Reid CFIOSH

Director of Health & Safety, University of Edinburgh

Having worked with Ann on several projects in Scotland, (including on mental health, promotion Healthy Working Lives and occupational health training) her knowledge, commitment and interpersonal skills have always impressed. To have Ann on the team was always real asset, she is focused on the outcome, delivery on time and ensuring that information provided is correct. Her involvement in organising IOSH at branch level shows a commitment to continued professional development and maintenance of her professional knowledge and skill. I would thoroughly recommend Ann as a contributor to any workplace and in three words – articulate, professional, committed.

Robert Atkinson CFIOSH

Organisational Lead, Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives

Ann provided a first class range of expert services and advice on the full range of health and safety issues relating to school life. Her professional briefing papers ensured that governors and senior managers were able to maintain an up to date knowledge of developments in key areas. She responded quickly to queries and fostered excellent relationships with all colleagues at every level in the organisation. I am happy to be contacted to provide a personal endorsement of Ann’s work

JMP Hallows

Head of Senior School, Bromsgrove School

An experienced, well networked practitioner who is able to find practical and pragmatic solutions to a wide range of health and safety issues

Mark Hoare

Health and Safety Adviser, Sheffield Hallam University

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