We all have periods in our life when we are not quite sure which path to take. Just like a boat in the harbour waiting for the tide to come in, we put off our dreams waiting for the’ right time’, or when we have finished that important project/job/family duty, only to find that when we do get around to finishing them we have filled our precious time with plenty of other ‘must do’s’ that keep our goal just out of arms reach. To keep our lives in a healthy balance, we need to do a little of what we love as well as all the routine stuff.

What if we just took a chance and tried doing more of what we love doing NOW and see what changes?

Waiting for the perfect time to do something you love is actually counter-productive, as we are preventing ourselves from doing that activity that actually helps us get better at doing the other stuff.

If we are happy and contented as we are doing things that we love (even if not all the time), we tend to be able to face the routine, stressful and downright unpleasant aspects of our lives so much better.

I rediscovered my love of painting and drawing in my 40s, after decades of not allowing myself to ‘waste’ time doing Art whilst I was busy studying, building my career, and starting a family. By doing arts and crafts with my kids I rekindled that creative streak. When I reached breaking point by pushing myself to achive too far and making myself ill, I finally found the time out to allow myself to try Art again, and joined a local art group during my rehabilitation.

Several years later, I have exhibited and sold some of my paintings, and try to encourage as many people as possible to try art by running a music and craft cafe and setting up popup exhibitions and connecting with other artists.

I still don’t allow myself enough time to paint, but have allowed myself the luxury of a dedicated art corner where I can retreat to in my home when I need a break from work and family stuff. I also now allow myself to take the occasional course or class as a personal development activity and ‘retreat’ from the daily routine. The reflective and creative skills I develop during these activities come in very handy in my consultancy and wellbeing management work

Why not try it yourself? If you think you can’t draw or paint, try one of the popular ‘mindful’ colouring books, or check out the many online tutorials.

You may be pleasantly surprised at the results, and I guarantee you, once you start start noticing everyday things such as the sky and trees through artists eyes, you will see the world in a whole new light.