So the Summer holidays are almost over and it is time for teachers to get ready for going back to class. How do you feel about that?

 You probably have 101 things on your ‘to do’ list before you welcome back your students.  Including figuring our how to get your classroom COVID ready for your new ‘bubble’.

But have you thought about getting yourself ready?  How you are going to be resilient enough to deal with kids returning to a different school environment?  How are you going to support those students that need help just learning to socialise again?

Your lesson plans may have to include how to process all kinds of trauma and challenging emotions in both students and staff, and the paperwork certainly won’t be any less!


A teacher affects eternity.

He can never tell where his influence will end.

– Henry Adams

Teachers need strength

Learning to identify your own boundaries, and protect them is key to keeping well.  So how do you protect yours?

It is important to know yourself.  Take time to reflect on and get clear about your values, your preferences, your skills and aptitudes.  This can help you develop a really strong sense of purpose which will help you respond to difficult situations with an approach consistent with that purpose.

Build communities

Nurturing relationships with other teachers and colleagues, students and parents can strengthen our resilience.

Sharing positive, empowering stories in these communities can not only lift ourselves but those that are around us.  Try to stay away from negative talk or scaremongering and focus on the good side of things.

Talking Heads provide supervision for educators to support them and process feelings around dealing with the challenges that they face in their roles. You can hear a podcast detailing how this works here


Teachers brings smiles at her students

Share your teaching wisdom

Why not share some tips on how you relax, save time, or just make life as an educator that bit easier for yourself? For inspiration have a look at my other Blog about Four ways to survive the new normal

There are a load of great tips on Social media at #edutwitter and have a look at School Well’s article:  Back to School resources 2020 

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