October 23-27th is #GBWellbeingWeek, and employers across the country are being asked to ‘halt for health’ and talk about how to get us all working well.

The organisers hope that talking about Workers, the Workplace, Wellbeing and the Wider Community we can improve health and wellbeing for everyone, and reduce the incredible toll of mental and physical ill health that is costing our economy billions of pounds each year in sickness absence.

Focus on Mental Health

This year’s focus is on mentalhealth, and with an estimated 1 in 6 workers living with Mental Health conditions we need to make sure that our workplaces offer the right support and don’t cause any health issues or make existing ones worse. Support can be as easy as getting people talking to each other more or allowing more flexible working.

Some simple changes could improve your workplace and make a big difference to the health of you and your colleagues.

Free Resources

There are lots of free resources and inspiration on the Health and Wellbeing week website, and here are a few ideas from the Work Safe and Well team to get you started:

1.   Take a break! Get away from your desk and really take that lunch break to switch off even for 20 minutes a day.

2.   Get back that work-life balance. Switch off the work phone and emails when you finish your working day.

3.   Get active: Try to increase the amount you move each day, even if it is walking up the stairs or getting some stretches at your desk. Why not start a walking group at work and get to know your colleagues?