So you have the work Christmas Lunch or party looming, and you have been given a Secret Santa challenge for someone you hardly know, what do you do? Go out and buy a token gift to share that you hope won’t offend them? Many people in the social media age are shunning the traditional Christmas cards and donating to charity instead, so this could be extended to the Secret Santa gift share as well

How about using the time and cash that you would have spent to do some good for your community by giving to their favourite Charity instead?

Nominate a Charity and Learn About Your Colleagues

Part of the difficulty in the Secret Santa process is finding out what the person you have been given likes, so why not try asking everyone taking part in the scheme to nominate their favourite charity go in the hat with their name? This is a great opportunity to find out more about what issues they care about.

When the name is drawn out, you then have the option to share a donation to their charity of choice instead of buying a gift. You may also find out a little more about that work colleague by the charity they choose, and learn more about the causes that you may not have had any involvement with.

Benefits of Sharing

Either way, you will be doing yourself and your colleagues good, by cutting out the stress of worrying about what to buy, and avoiding the excruciating situations at the office party when the gifts are opened and the recipient has to show gratitude for something that may not always be needed or liked.

If several people in the workplace support the same charities, it could also lead to a more long-term support and help connect colleagues with the same interests outside of work too. There are many ways to give to charity individually, or you may wish to consider a corporate scheme like this one

As a bonus this may also help with the corporate social responsibility and environmental audits too!

We would love to hear more about what your workplace is doing to share with your community, so please check out our ‘Share’ site and let us hear the great things happening out there.