What would you say if I asked you to sum up 2020 in just three words? You might wonder why I would ask you to do this?  Surely 2020 is a year best left to the history books?

Well, before plunging into planning and goal setting for the forthcoming year, it is helpful to do a reflection on what has been achieved. What have you learnt, won, lost, and not completed?  There will be a lot to go through because boy has 2020 been a challenging year!

Introduce fresh thinking by making this exercise more creative. This will open up new approaches to setting your dreams and goals.  Getting you ready for an energised, focussed start in the new year.

For many, this year it has been a year of change, of loss, or adapting to survive. For others it may have been a success as they have adapted and grown around the new ways of doing things.

Reflection is one of the most underused yet powerful tools for success

– Richard Carlson

Informed intentions

So- if you could sum up the year in just three words, what would they be?

Yes I know this seems like a challenging question, but it is a necessary one if you hope to move forward.

Have this question in mind as you do your reflection and planning, and you will be surprised at what will come to you.

Think of it like an executive summary of the year. One that you can use to inform your intentions for next year. Do you want more of the same? Or do you want to set new intentions to guide you in how you act and respond each day?

What a year!

2020 was a transformative year for the WSAW team. Our focus was pivoted to coaching creative and mindful ways to beat burnout; our “self care for the exhausted‘ resources were developed; and we took Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) training into schools to increase emotional resilience and help schools become more trauma aware. I also secured grant funding to take the Women’s Business support network I co-founded to the next level and expand the team running it.

On the creative front, I contributed to two album releases, played live at online and outdoor festivals (remember those?) created artwork that has been shown in public galleries and online exhibitions, and written poetry that has been performed live and featured in a film about mental health support (link here). I also made my debut as a rapper on a charity single to raise funds for Fare Share 

All this has been done with amazing support from friends and family during an unprecedented year of change in all aspects of our lives.

It is important to recognise all the champions and supporters you have had when you are doing your reflection-  introducing gratitude practice and a wider perspective.

Who has helped you in your work this year? Have you expressed your gratitude to them yet? Can you do it without buying them something?

Write your story

You have the power to choose how you tell your story of this new year. So take account of EVERYTHING including the good stuff that you often overlook! When you write your list of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ bits of the year, keep asking yourself ‘and anything else?’ Until you have captured everything. You will be surprised at what you come up with!

Once you have your lists, think what they represent and try to distill them down to single word categories, such as ‘growth’, ‘Learning’, ‘transformation’, ‘focus’ etc and identify your three-word summary for 2020.

My 3 words

The three words I have chosen are:

What will yours be? We would love to see them, so please post on our Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #WSAWJust3Words2020

We really hope that you stay safe and well into 2021, and look forward to sharing more ways to create more compassionate and inclusive schools and workplaces with you all next year.