On Day 2 of our 12 days of wellness blog I wanted to check in as I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of writing 12 consecutive blog posts in 12 days with the many other demands on my time this month. I then reflected and realised that this is exactly what my work is teaching me to deal with, so it is a perfect lesson to share how I move from overwhelm to calm.

I have posted on Linked in and other forums sharing articles about the imposter syndrome and mindfulness practices and how they can help us cope with ever-increasing demands placed upon us by our work, home life, families, friends and most of all, by ourselves.

Mindful Movement from Overwehlm to Calm

As a student of Mindfulness and meditation for many years now, I have tried lots of ways to deal mindfully with my own stresses, and help others with their difficulties; as a parent, friend, spouse, work colleague and a wellbeing practitioner.

On day 2 of the #worksafeandwell 12 days of wellness blog I would like to share a simple technique that can be used anywhere, to give anyone a chance to begin to deal with stressful situations they encounter and move from overwhelm to calm, and the only tool you need is your breath.

STOP and Breathe

So next time you get that annoying email, or someone really hacks you off at work, or you missed the train/bus/plane/taxi, please STOP.

Yes, justĀ  STOP


Take a breath (a good deep one mind, and another if you really need to).

Observe your thoughts (what feelings or sensations are you experiencing at that moment?)

Proceed mindfully- thinking about the thoughts and sensations you observed and what is the best course of action to serve you (and the other parties involved) well?

If you try it you may be surprised at the outcomes as they may not be what you would habitually have done.

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