As our blog series comes to an end we wanted to thank all of our followers for sharing this journey, and look forward to moving forward together to improve workplace wellbeing in 2018. As we like to encourage reflection and development, we are using today’s blog to recap on the gifts we have shared over the past 12 days, so here they all are!

  • On Day 1 We encouraged you to get moving more at work, and shared some medical evidence why sitting too long harms your health.
  • On Day 2 we encouraged you to STOP and move mindfully from overwhelm to calm
  • On Day 3 We shared a few tips on eating smarter and a delicious recipe to help get some more energy in our hectic days, and maybe save a bit of cash too!
  • On Day 4 we shared Leadership lessons from the Pantomime Horse. Just read it and you will understand!
  • On Day 5 we discussed those Secret Santa dilemmas, and suggested using the time and cash that you would have spent to do some good for your community by donating to a Charity instead.
  • On Day 6 we encouraged you to reflect on your achievements successes and development points, as part of planning your goals to develop in the coming year.
  • On Day 7 We discussed the growing research evidence  that social isolation and loneliness are having a big impact on the wellbeing of many people across the globe, and sharing links to the Campaign to End Loneliness and  Jo Cox Commission.
  • On Day 8 we are asked you to think if your workplace driving activities are safe, and shared resources from Road Safety Charities.
  • On Day 9 We shared an article written for World Sleep day that sums up the benefits of sleep, and discussed the health impacts of poor sleep.
  • On Day 10 We encouraged you to go into the festive break thinking about work-life balance, and getting this right to improve your wellbeing, sharing the Five Ways to Wellbeing.
  • On Day 11 We finished our series of tips by sharing the benefits of sport and exercise on wellbeing, and linked to the British Heart Foundation 10 minute challenge.

If you have enjoyed this series and want to work with us in 2018, please get in touch via our Facebook page or Website and we look forward to helping you create improved wellbeing in your workplace.

So we will now put the Laptop away, get outside for a long winter walk  to work off  all those delicious festive treats we have been indulging in, before spending some quality time with our family and friends during our well-earned break, so we are rested and full of creative energy for another year of improving workplace wellbeing and helping you all to #worksafeandwell.