Listening to the radio on the school run, I heard an advert from Public Health England (@PHE) as part of their Change4Life campaign talking about Obesity as the second biggest cause of Cancer. This is an entirely preventable health epidemic that can be dealt with by everyone, including employers, who can encourage everyone to move more and include exercise as part of our daily routines.

How can we be creative in getting everyone to move more? Even the most challenging of circumstances can be used as an opportunity to include movement into our daily lives- check out this video from @1610 with some winter ‘snow day’ home workouts- a great way to keep warm in the extreme winter weather! This is part of their 2018 ‘let’s move’ campaign to get 3 million moves made by all ages. If target move levels are reached, they will donate gym equipment to local schools, so creating a social benefit on many levels! As they say on their website:

This isn’t about celebrating one persons ability to get moving, this is about our local communities and encouraging them to get up and move and move more often. From toddlers all the way up to 90+ we are on a mission to help support people to become more physically active.

The challenge is running throughout March and will be run in over 18 countries, so it is a truly international affair. The Change4Life campaign also has a series of ’10 minute shakeups’ available here

How could you help your local Community to move more?

Public Health England in their Health Matters newsletter encourage us to build better community capital by connecting more with our communities, as social isolation and loneliness are known to reduce life expectancy. The Community Life Survey 2016-17 found that 5% of adults in England reported they felt lonely often or always, so getting out to do some exercise, even if it is just for a walk, could be a life saving decision. What about getting together with your friends, work colleagues or neighbours, and going to a local exercise class, or starting a walking group? There are a large network of free health walks running across the country and many areas have park runs and buggy walks for parents. Check out  for a great resource to inspire some free outdoor exercise.

Let's Move More and Change 4 Life

Let’s Move More and Change 4 Life

Change 4 Life

Getting the younger generation more active is becoming increasingly more challenging, with our busy lifestyles and competition with electronic gadgets. Last week I was privileged to be able to help with my local school Bikeability scheme, teaching primary 6 children how to safely maintain and ride their bicycles on the roads. This was run by the Somerset Road Safety partnership, but there are similar schemes running in many other areas through the Department for Transport central site.

Why not check out your local authority and volunteer or support  a scheme of your own to get more kids active and road aware? The website with lots of useful resources can be found here

So, even in the grip of winter, we can all find creative ways to move more, for a better workplace, community, and most importantly, for our own health and wellbeing. As always, we at @worksafeandwell love to hear your examples of good practice in all areas of improving Health and Wellbeing so please share the creative ways you have found to get moving more at work and at home and we will celebrate your achievements on