Fear is a natural response to a perceived threat. In fact, fear can help protect you by stimulating your nervous response system when you are about to do something dangerous.

But what happens when fear prevents us from carrying out everyday tasks?  This feeling can sometimes overwhelm us making life that much more challenging.

As Halloween approaches these fears are perhaps brought into sharper focus with all the scary images and links to the darker side of life.  Although to be honest you only need to open a newspaper these days to get a fright!

So I am going to share with you an event that happened to me recently.  Fear almost completely overwhelmed me, but hopefully from this we can learn how and why to “Fight the Fear” and make life a little less scary when faced with difficulties.

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.

– Carl Jung

The Crash!

I was waiting in traffic whilst on my way to an appointment.  The cars shunted together and I went into the back of the car in front.  When I felt the initial crash and impact I felt the fear rise in me- what happened? What damage is there? How is the other driver going to respond? Is anyone injured?

Fight or Flight

The fight/flight response kicked in and I had to stop and gather myself before I got out of the car to assess the situation. Thankfully I put all of my resilience and mindfulness tools into action and took deep breaths to calm myself before speaking to the other driver. They were very nice and we calmly exchanged details, took pictures to record the damage, and crucially checked out that each other were OK.

Even in a moment of what could have been a panic or hostile situation, the human connection was so important!


 Afterwards I actually felt grateful for the incident. Wait! What?  Let me explain:  

  • It was a chance to test the resilience tools that I teach to my clients (yes they worked just fine!),
  • It also made me realise how much support I have at home.  My husband and family were really supportive when I shared my news.  They helped me find ways to deal with the concerns about getting the car repaired,
  • It was a (quite literal) wake-up call to show that I had been working too hard recently and needed to implement some self-care and rest to help me recover and recharge.

Burnout can be very costly. If exhaustion takes over it can impact all aspects of your life including your relationships, work performance and so many other parts of your life.

Using mindset and resilience tools you will be able to let go of self-criticism and judgement; accept what’s happened and take full responsibility for dealing with the consequences.  You will then be able to get on with your day (something that I would have been unable to do when the PTSD was in full grip).

I remembered an affirmation from the late Louise Hay- ‘what good can come of this situation?

Beat Burnout

What fears are you facing right now?

How can you find a way to be grateful for them and use them to help you rather than hold you back?

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