When we are busy at work we often forget to eat well as we think we are far too busy to prepare healthy food, and as a result we end up feeling tired and sluggish as we devour the comfort and convenience foods we reach for in the cold winter months.  Here are a few tips on eating smarter to get more energy in our hectic days, and maybe save a bit of cash too!

  1. Get Slow and Low- if you have time in the evenings, get a hearty soup or stew on in the slow cooker so it can cook while you are sleeping. Cheaper vegetables and meat cuts taste delicious when cooked this way and you have a meal ready for work lunches or cold evenings cooked ready for when you get home.
  2. Slow energy releasing foods such as porridge and other grains and seeds help you maintain your energy levels longer than quick release sugary foods, so try a bowl of porridge for breakfast, or flapjack instead of the biscuit tin.
  3. Instead of reaching for the mince pies, try making some delicious energy bites to take to work, it doesn’t even require any cooking!


As a festive gift to you, there is a delicious recipe for you to try here, why not make a big batch and bring them in to work to share with your colleagues?

Chocolate Orange Energy Bites


If you have any other healthy eating tips to share, please let us know by getting in touch on our web comments or facebook page, we would love to hear from you

Stay Well

The #worksafeandwell Team.