As lockdown is being eased in some areas of the country, businesses are having to really change the way they operate. Here we share four ways to help survive the ‘New Normal’ as businesses try to recover and rebuild in a more socially-distant society.

How can you adapt your business to include work-from-home employees, higher sickness leave, disrupted supply chains, reduced cash flow, and changing compliance obligations?  Here are some ideas you might like to try.

Tip 1 – Be Creative

Whatever your business model is, chances are you will have had to find new ways of doing things to allow your staff to work from home, or socially distance if they can safely come into work. You may also have had to find new ways of connecting with your customers, especially if you are all wearing masks!

There are lots of examples of businesses that have completely changed their ways of working to keep going throughout the lockdown: many restaurants and cafes switched to takeaway only and fresh food suppliers and farm shops offered home delivery.  In our local area Daniels Cafe completely embraced this and started delivering cooked breakfasts and free meals to NHS and other key workers to keep everyone’s spirits up. They also launched a new cake business as their home baking that started as gifts for key workers proved so popular! picture of @danielscafewells owners as an example of how to @worksafeandwell

Does your business value creativity as a skill in your employees? Taking time to ‘think outside of the box’ and challenge the way you have always done things has been shown by many successful organisations to be the best business development activity you can do, as it could pave the way for a whole new market or business model that could be more profitable.

Tip 2- Embrace Change.

The phrase ‘what you resist persists’ is a good one to remember. Don’t waste precious energy worrying about how things used to be, try to accept that you are doing things differently and use this as an opportunity to find ways that you can make improvements  to your business that you may have been wanting to try before but never took the plunge.

Being Mindful of the things you can control and those that you cannot, will also help you deal with any anxiety around the changes that are creating our ‘new normal’ at work and in our leisure time.

Tip 3- Accept Help if you need it

We all work better if we help each other, and nobody can truly thrive if they try to do everything themselves.  If there is help available, take it and use the time you save to get your business back on track. It may seem like there is a lot of extra paperwork needed to make sure everything is safe before you reopen, but there is a lot of great guidance and FREE business support out there. This is one example from the Heart of the South West Growth Hub– a COVID-19 toolkit for businesses containing template risk assessments, checklists, and links to all the Government advice you need to comply with the social distancing and H&S regulations.

If you are a member of your local Chamber of Commerce then they may also have support, training or mentoring available for their members that you can access.

Tip 4- Give Back.

The whole country has been affected by the lockdown, so remember that every business in your sector, region and neighbourhood has been impacted in some way by it. Many areas have set up community support groups, foodbanks or business networks to support each other during this crisis, and there are lots of ways you can tap into these. There may be a ‘Virtual Market’ set up, or community ‘buy local’ pages that you could register with. Your employees may benefit from local support groups if they have been feeling isolated or you may want to give back by volunteering with the groups or sharing specialist skills and raise the profile of your business in your community.

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