This week is Children’s Mental Health week and, as a parent who is juggling multiple jobs and trying to support my own kids learning, I understand how tough it has been to carry on homeschooling and doing your ‘day job’ at the same time. So to help stop all us working parents from experiencing #burnout, maybe it is time to talk about the little people in our lives, and share five easy ways to make homeschooling more bearable.

Five easy ways to make Homescholing more bearable

Five Easy Ways to Make Homeschooling More Bearable

  1. Remember you are not alone! There are millions of households across the world right now trying to manage during this unprecedented situation and the parents and carers are probably feeling stressed and exhausted just like you. Tuning into your feelings is the first step in allowing you to process them and manage how you respond to each challenge you face in a healthier way. We have a FREE download to help you manage your stress triggers here
  2. Focus on what matters most. Remember that the priority right now is on keeping you and your family safe and well, both physically and mentally. Your children are probably feeling the strain as much as you are, so try to talk to them if you can about how they are feeling. You can get some tips on doing that here 
  3. Adopt a gratitude attitude. Try introducing a #gratitudepractice by writing down three things you are grateful for first thing every morning (before you check the news or social media), and again last thing at night to help you sleep better, it really does help. You could use a #gratitude journal like this (available here ) , or you could also get the family involved by starting a gratitude jar for everyone to add things to each day and empty it at the end of each week/month. 
  4. Talk to your school. They are doing everything they can to support your young people with learning, and should be able to provide you with extra support if you ask for it. Remember also that you are not expected to replace the teacher, you are still a parent, working as part of a team with the teachers to support your child’s education, so if there is anything that you or your child does not understand or engage with in the work that is set, ask the school for help. You could also tap into the existing #homeschool network and watch this useful ‘sanitysaver’ planning video here
  5. Get creative and have some fun!- The Children’s mental health charity Place 2 Be have a wonderful set of FREE resources for families to use to introduce some creativity into each day, as well as lots of helpful guidance to support better mental health for all the family. This is a wonderful opportunity to do activities with your children and learn together.
A gratitude journal from @bestselfco

This lockdown will end at some point , and when we look back at these days in the future, how would you like them to be remembered? Children learn in many ways, and school is just one method.

My daughter wanted her bedroom decorated as a birthday gift last month, so we helped her set a budget and order materials and she learned how to prepare the room, measure and hang wallpaper, paint, assemble furniture and work as a team. All valuable life skills that use maths, art, design, budgeting,communication and a whole host of other transferable skills that she will take into life after school is over. 

Finally, if you can, get outside every day, even if only for 10 minutes. the kids will appreciate time out, and if you can get out on your own for a short walk even better. A change of scene can help you  look at  the world with fresh eyes and break the  boredom of being at home every day.

You will get through this! If you or anyone in your family are struggling and need urgent help, you can find links to support here

Let’s hear your top tips for making homeschooling more bearable, share them in the comments below.

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