The world is certainly quite challenging right now and it might be hard to see how you can get through the month,  so here are five easy ways to create a more joyful January you can try to make life that little bit less overwhelming.

1. Have a Great Dream

I started the year in a really positive way as a course facilitator with my local Action for Happiness group where we worked through their GREAT DREAM 10 keys for Happier living, and their calendar with lots of prompts for a more #JoyfulJanuary

There are nearly 23000 people in over 180 countries in these groups that have been set up during this pandemic to connect and support each other and I can honestly say that joining our group brings me joy each month and the benefits of #sharingcompassion far outweigh the time cost of volunteering.

Action for Happiness #JoyfulJanuary Calendar
Action for Happiness #JoyfulJanuary Calendar

2. Accept where you are

A good way to try to handle our difficult emotions and experiences is by focusing on what we can control. So for this month, try focussing on ACCEPTANCE of whatever situation you may be in, as this helps to stop the stress cycle making the situation seem worse and allows you to focus on more creative ways to deal with it.

Our FREE  trigger-taming tips download can also help you identify all the ways you get stressed and help you start to accept them and make some positive changes in how you respond.

3. Be Grateful

A picture of a gratitude jar

A regular gratitude practice can really help lift your mood, and when you show appreciation for others who support you it can really strengthen working and personal relationships and is a great way to strengthen your team and keep them motivated too. 

Keeping a gratitude journal or filling a jar with small notes of things you are grateful for each day will soon show that there is so much we take for granted and as the saying goes ‘what we appreciate appreciates’, so could lead to you noticing or creating more of the good stuff that makes us happy.

4. Get out more

Getting some fresh air is more than just getting some exercise to keep you fit, it is also vital to help your mind switch off and can also boost your immune system. There are lots of ways you can get more exercise but the simplest one is to simply go for a  walk and explore your local neighbourhood, maybe during a break or at the start of end of your working day? The site has lots more tips on how to get more active.

5. Feed your mind

We are what we eat, and when it is cold outside and we are restricted in what we can do we can be more tempted to snack or comfort eat which afffects not only our weight but also our mood too.

The Eat Well for Less site has lots of tips on affordable healthy eating, or maybe you could share recipes and meal plans with your friends and family?

Joyful Action

We hope that these five easy ways to make your January more joyful are helpful?

Are you going to try any of them out?

However you manage to make it through this month, remember to be kind to yourself and those around you as burnout is on the increase as the impacts of this Pandemic continue to take effect.

If you would like more support with dealing with burnout, or managing stress at work, you can book a FREE discovery call here, and download our FREE  trigger-taming tips worksheet here

Stay Safe and Well.

Ann and the WSAW team