My family spent the weekend in glorious Dartmoor. We were supporting my daughter and her team who were competing in the Ten Tors challenge, the ultimate resilience training. #TenTors19

The Challenge

Ten Tors is in it’s 59th year!  It’s an endurance event held every year in May and is aimed solely at young people.

The Challenge is attempted by 2,400 teenagers in 400 teams of six. The teams navigate routes of 35, 45 or 55 miles (depending on age) over the Northern half of Dartmoor. They visit ten nominated tors and check points in two days. Teams must be self-sufficient, carrying all that they need to complete their route and stay out on the moor overnight safely. They experience one of the last wildernesses in England whilst testing their teamwork, planning, navigation skills and personal resilience.

These events are so valuable to a young persons development. In a previous article “Building Resilience through Peer Support” – I explained how talking to our friends and colleagues is often much more effective than talking to those who manage us (including our parents), as they can often identify with similar or shared experiences.

The Volunteers

The Adult Volunteers, were able to demonstrate the value of helping others whilst training for the Challenges and taking part in the Event. They encouraged the young people to build their resilience and play a more active and positive role in society. As well as giving them the opportunity to experience stunning natural environments and outdoor activities. The dedication of the teachers, scout leaders and armed forces volunteers was evident as the participants completed the challenge. 

The Champions

The young people faced many challenges during their training before the event. But with the right support from each other, their parents and their teachers they managed to overcome them. As a result they were rewarded with experiences and a sense of achievement that money can’t buy. From seeing Adders up close (a little too close for some!) to learning how resilient they really are, this experience will live in their memories for ever. All thanks to the team of adults who volunteered their precious spare time to mentor and challenge them.

Panoramic view of beautiful Dartmoor the setting of the Ten Tors Challenge