On Day 11 of the 12 days of wellness blog we wanted to share more simple ways to bring more movement into our working lives and beat that Christmas bulge from overindulgence and our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. This figure shows there are many ways that sport and exercise can benefit our physical and mental health as this figure shows,

Can you think of any more?

Figure showing How Sport and Exercise Can Improve wellbeing

How Sport and Exercise Can Improve wellbeing

Take 10 Minutes to Beat the Bulge

The British Heart foundation has a powerful campaign called ‘10 minutes to change your life‘ giving lots of tips on how to get more exercise to improve heart health with an easy 10 minute online living room workout – no equipment needed! they also¬† have some great healthy eating tips,

Why not take 10 and try some today, or even better, get your work colleagues to try some with you and get moving together. Better still, keep in touch with us on our Facebook page or Website and share your top tips for beating the bulge and being more active at work, and we will spread the good news in the New Year.