When making plans for 2021 have you thought about how you could make more impact in your work and home life? Here is an easy plan to unleash your ‘inner badass’ and set yourself up for growth.

Sounds bizarre, I know, but consider what Vishen Lanhiani says in his book ‘the Buddha and the Badass‘.  He suggests that to be our most productive, creative selves we should hack our ingrained belief systems around work and success.

But what is belief?

A belief is something we consider to be a fact, or assume to be true. But, as the old saying goes;

“When you assume, you put an Ass before ‘me’ and ‘u’!”

Our beliefs are formed by a combination of our experiences. What we are taught by others, and how we interpret this information. Most of our core beliefs are formed as children and we use them to help keep us safe. However as we grow and life moves on, we need to constantly challenge and update this programming. Otherwise it can hold us in a fixed mindset, fearful of change.

“Do the best you can until you know better.

Then when you know better, do better”

Maya Angelou

But how easy is it to disrupt our belief system to make fundamental changes in how we work and live?

A year of harsh lessons

If 2020 has achieved anything positive, it has been to smash plenty of old traditions around how we live and work . The 9-5 , the commute, and networking over coffee have been replaced by remote working, automation, chatbots and video calls.

Business leaders and educators have had to find new ways to get things done, often with great creativity, to keep everyone safe whilst adapting business models and services.

To do this in less challenging times takes courage, after all why change how you have always done things?

But how can you take the lessons from 2020 into planning for growth in 2021? 

Steps to Badass

Here is an ABC to help you unleash your inner badass and shake up your belief system to create the change and experiences you want next year.


  1.  Adopt a Gratitude Attitude. Write down everything that went well this year ( This is a good habit to adopt on a daily and monthly basis).
  2. Belief Hack– start asking ‘why’ you do things the way you do, and think about other ways they could be done-you can get really creative with this, just resist placing limitations based on your fears and allow all possibilities to be acknowledged
  3. Check your Mindset– Are you set for growth to try these new ideas, or stuck in your comfort zone?

Try it and see what you come up with! And remember to include your team in these exercises. Understanding their belief systems will help you be a better leader and may provide opportunities to support them more effectively.

Finally, don’t forget to reach out to a mentor or coach when making these changes, to create accountability and support your own mindset and self-reflection aspects.

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