It’s official- Active Leadership really does pay rewards!

We at worksafeandwell love to share good news about organisations achieving great things in their leadership and management of employee wellbeing. We are really proud to share the success of  the 1610 team that achieved a transformational leadership award for their work in developing their staff.

1610 are one of the South West of England’s leading leisure providers, employing 450 people at 19 leisure centres across the region.They won a prestigious national award, for inspirational leadership and staff development during a recent company restructure, beating competition from national operators in the leisure and physical activity sector.

A total restructure was necessary to take on the challenges of an increasingly competitive leisure sector, reduced public funding and the impact of the increased national living wage. But despite these challenges, they managed to cut costs and increase their training and development of staff.

Their press release says;

The award recognises how during the first year of the new structure 1610 was able to successfully manage and transform itself to increase performance, improve employee training and create meaningful new career pathways and roles for staff. The reorganisation has led to significant savings in its operating costs due to innovations and increased performance in programmes

Ann from @worksafeandwell will be working part-time with them over the next 18 months to coordinate taking their employee wellbeing forward, so watch this space for more great achievements!